Be Love and The Rose Public House

Be Love and The Rose Public House

Joe Cunliffe and investors are successful restaurant owners and operators of Be Love and The Rose Public House (“The Rose Pub”). Be Love is loved by the community for their passion for health and commitment in sustainability. The Rose Pub is enjoyed for their consistent high-quality meals and exceptional customer service.


Joe and investors were waiting for their opportunity to purchase the commercial real estate located next to The Rose Pub. This purchase strategically aligned with their plans in bringing more services that shared their core values of quality ingredients and impeccable services to the neighborhood. When the opportunity presented itself, the group required financing for the building purchase and associated tenant improvement.


Ashdown’s Andrew Still has supported Joe with commercial financing needs previously and it was a no brainer to lean on Andrew for this new opportunity. Andrew looked at their portfolio and navigated through the whole financing process including restructuring of existing debt. Andrew developed a package that emphasized the multitude of revenue streams and the managements’ extensive experience in restaurant industry to strengthen the deal. Joe and investors were able to continue to focus on their business while Andrew was advocating for the best possible financing package to support their new business adventure.

Client Testimonial

Andrew Still is one of my most trusted and valuable business contacts. Working with Andrew, I have full confidence that I’m getting the best deal and access to commercial financing available, with almost no effort or time on my part. Before I met Andrew, arranging commercial financing was very stressful, time consuming, and annoying and now the process is easy and enjoyable! Andrew speaks the same language as entrepreneurs, and knows how to get really good results for hard to place deals. – Joe Cunliffe, Owner

Services Used:

  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Restructuring of Debt