Case Studies

Case Studies

Our team of experienced commercial banking professionals have all channeled their entrepreneurial spirit by leaving their nine-to-fives and embarking on this new journey. We left the banks in order to help our clients find the right financing package, regardless of which financing partner it comes from.


“Andrew and the Ashdown team are a diamond in the rough of the financing world. I could always count on Andrew for excellent work and genuine advice that had the best for our business at heart! It was a huge advantage in seeking out the best possible financing for our business to have an expert navigating and representing us with lenders. Tree Island is now well positioned for future growth! Thanks, Ashdown Team!” – Scott DiGuistini, CEO & Co-Founder

Tree Island

Tree Island is a distinguished federally licensed dairy manufacturing enterprise recognized for its excellence in crafting premium dairy products. Founded by Scott and Merissa, who were inspired by the artisanal yogurts of France, Tree Island has evolved into a prominent presence in over 250 retail outlets nationwide, including esteemed retailers such as Thrifty’s and Whole Foods.

Specializing in sustainable, grass-fed yogurts made from 100% fresh whole BC milk, Tree Island exemplifies a commitment to supporting local farms that nurture healthy ecosystems. Situated in the picturesque Comox Valley, creating handcrafted yogurts that are meticulously prepared using a traditional, slow-kettle cooking technique.

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“Kern was very helpful in getting us the loan that we needed for building our new clinic. He dealt with a lot of difficult issues to help us complete this deal.” – Julie Wilson

Terra Nova Medical Centre is Richmond’s largest and most comprehensive primary care clinic, offering a full range of primary care services. These services include well-child care, women’s health, vaccinations, and treatments using liquid nitrogen, among others.

The business has come a long way from its inception. Growing from zero patients in 2015 to serving over 46,000 people by 2023, Terra Nova has become one of the largest medical clinics in the Lower Mainland. People who have known Terra Nova since inception have seen major changes; including technological innovations for remote work, market expansion into Telehealth and recruitment of International Medical Graduates culminating in new locations in Squamish (Q4 2023) and Richmond (Q2 2024).

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“Andrew’s expertise in working with CMHC assisted me in acquiring a 95% loan to cost construction mortgage, which I thought was impossible. He also guided me in working through all the requirements needed from CMHC. His expertise was essential in making all of this happen. Thank you for all your help.” – Tony Yu

Tony Yu

Tony Yu boasts over a decade of seasoned expertise in project management, coupled with a distinguished track record in real estate development and management. His portfolio includes several notable projects, including a successful 17-unit townhouse endeavor and a thriving 16-duplex development.

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Andrew and the rest of the team at Ashdown capital were exceptional in helping us achieve our expansion goals. They seamlessly guided through the acquisition of a commercial space and working lines of credit to facilitate the execution of our vision. I would highly recommend them and hope to use their services again in the future. – Josh Goyert, Owner

Jones Bar-B-Que Inc.

Leadership duo Josh Goyert and Christopher Jones helm a distinguished portfolio of acclaimed restaurants in Victoria, renowned for their culinary excellence and unwavering commitment to gastronomic innovation.

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“A close friend of mine who has worked with Ashdown in the past heard my scenario with our bank of many years offering a negligible amount for a working Line of credit. He put me in touch with Brad & Josh. We had a lunch to determine our financial needs. The meeting was informative & effective. In a very short time, Josh presented two options of which were 10x the offer from my bank. The service level from Ashdown was outstanding, we speak to this day looking at other options for moving forward. I would highly recommend anyone looking at a working line or credit of any kind, to reach out.” – Brad Johnson, Founder & CEO

Above & Beyond Concepts

Above & Beyond Concepts is a Burnaby-based, home and commercial interior remodel company that serves the Lower Mainland and surrounding communities. Through the hard work of their team of trusted and highly skilled individuals, they are committed to delivering an outstanding customer service experience that gets the job done right and done on time.

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“Kyle successfully refinanced our loans in a challenging situation. As the company’s interim CFO, I lacked the time and Rolodex to personally search for a suitable new lender. Kyle’s contribution is crucial to the success of our investment.” – Jalal Jetha, Managing Director

J.B.& Co.

J.B. & Co. is a Calgary-based private equity firm focused on investing in small and medium sized North American businesses. The firm is a small group of high-performing practitioners dedicated to the success and longevity of their investments for and with their clients.

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123 Ottawa Landscapers Ltd.

123 Ottawa Landscapers Ltd. is one of Ottawa’s most highly regarded landscape companies. The company offers cradle to grave design, build, and maintenance services for residential customers.

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“Working with Ben and Ashdown was a great overall experience for us. From the very beginning of the process, they were able to quickly understand our needs and tailored a solution that worked well. Ben remained proactive throughout the whole process which turned out to be very important in ensuring we were able to close the deal in a timely manner. I would highly recommend working with Ben/Ashdown for any financing needs that they might have.” – Rahul Raina, Vice President of Business Development, Celestial Systems Inc.

Celestial Systems Inc.

Celestial Systems Inc. is a prominent IT consulting company with a robust reputation for delivering tailored software solutions and digital transformation services. Their expertise extends to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to thrive through innovation, efficiency, and tailored tech solutions.

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“Andy helped me secure a loan for a piece of equipment that was necessary to start up my small business. Considering the difficulties I had with the banks prior to coming to see him, it is easy to say that I would not be up and running without his help! He was professional, knowledgeable, and took the time to walk me through each step of the process. Overall, awesome experience. I highly recommend Andy at Ashdown Capital!” – Jessica Trott, Owner & Operator

Refine Laser and Skin

Refine Laser and Skin was created in 2022 by a Registered Nurse that had the dream to bring client-focused care back to aesthetics. No sales associates, no contracts, no hidden fees. They specialize in laser hair removal and combine knowledge, experience and state of the art equipment to guarantee best possible results.

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ABC Dairy Ltd.

ABC Dairy Ltd. is a family-owned dairy operation located in North Central Alberta, milking approximately 100 cows. They have been in operation since 2007, having relocated from the Fraser Valley.

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“Kyle really simplified my life here. I knew the financing was in good hands, allowing me to focus on running the business. And the value extended beyond just the term sheet as Kyle helped navigate several subordination agreements. Hands down best in the business.” – Trevor Reidlinger, Owner

“Having Josh take care of this step of the purchase made my life much easier. I could concentrate on my current running business, as well as confidently negotiate the purchase of my second location. The savings of time and energy on my part for this step had incredible value to me and Josh delivered exactly what I needed, and more!” – Peter Foreman, Owner

“Andrew and his team were great to work with. They kept me apprised throughout the process, and secured me several offers to choose from. Having them do the heavy lifting for loan sourcing allowed me to keep my focus on growing the business.” – Lorne Atherton, Owner

Forest Cooperage

Forest Cooperage is a manufacture of cedar barrel hot tubs, saunas and Japanese style soaker tubs based out of Sooke, BC. The whole manufacturing process from sourcing cedar, drying and cutting the planks, assembling the products to performing quality control is done locally on site. Forest Cooperage is dedicated to sustainability and committed to sourcing the products from companies that share the same values from throughout B.C.

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“Working with the team at Ashdown Capital was an easy process. It can be difficult for businesses in food service to obtain financing and with the help of Mike Hopp we were able to obtain the funds needed to open our second location.” – Castro Boateng, Owner

House of Boateng

House of Boateng has been bringing a passion for community and great food to Greater Victoria, BC since 2010 through its catering services, café and market.

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“Shizuka at Ashdown Capital took the time to understand my unique business model and was able to get me a business loan at an attractive rate for almost double the amount what I initially thought I could get. Shizuka was able to leverage Ashdown Capital’s established network to set me up with a great banker. I now have the access to capital to grow my business significantly!” – Hugh O.

“We were really impressed with Andrew’s professionalism and streamlined approach to get the deal done. Andrew’s resourcefulness and attentive service provided valuable time and time again as we moved through the lending process. His knowledge and expertise are an asset and we would highly recommend Andrew to any commercial investor. We have already referred Andrew and his team to other investors and will certainly be in contact for our next deal. ” – David and Mandy V.

Mills Road Industrial Property

A successful real estate investor and owner of a property management and rental company was looking to expand their real estate investment portfolio, sourcing industrial properties in Victoria, BC. With local lease rates the highest in Canada due to low vacancy rates and limited supply, and the investors’ ability to self-manage the property, there was significant incentive to pursue investment.

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“Andrew and the team at Ashdown were great to work with. They were always very responsive and took the time to find the best lending lending partner for our businesses.” –  Jason Gray, Owner, Woodside Pizza Corp.

Vancouver Island Restaurant Franchise

Following significant sales growth, a pizza restaurant franchise owner was looking to add a second franchise location to his portfolio, and had secured an investment and operational partner to pursue expansion with.

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“As a CFO, I’m well-versed in where and how to get financing. However, Kern has the connections to make the process go both smoothly and quickly. After getting stuck, I called Kern and he had a term sheet in our hands in about a week. Kern got us a great rate with a great bank and freed up my time to work on the strategic aspects of this deal.” – Matt Putra, CFO, Eightx

Little & Lively

Little & Lively is a premier line of children’s clothing that is ethically made in Canada, and based in Abbotsford, BC. They aim to use colours and lively prints to express joy and personality through their designs.

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“Matt MacGregor and Ashdown did a great job in guiding us on each step of the process. They provided a summary of requirements and were very prompt on all replies. Weekly meetings to help Nex Matrix meet our strict deadlines on financing. Very turn key approach. Excellent experience all around.” – Bobby Shokar, CEO, NexMatrix Corp.


NexMatrix is one of the largest manufacturers of non-woven fabrics in the geotextile industry. Their fabrics are used worldwide in industrial and commercial applications, as well as in the production of a wide variety of consumables ranging from home and garden and furniture and bedding applications. NexMatrix has three manufacturing plants in India, and distribution warehouses in Charleston, Houston, Los Angles, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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“Otter Co-op was pleased to partner with Ashdown Capital to find the best solution for our major acquisition financing, along with opportunities to finance other parts of our operation and growth.  We appreciated the chance to support a local business that was interested in learning our specific business model and needs.  Brad and Ryan were fantastic to work with, very respectful in our dealings, answered any questions or concerns quickly and efficiently, all while bringing us the best options and recommendations for our financing needs.  The entire experience was such a positive interaction, and I’m proud that Ashdown Capital was able to partner us with another Co-operative to grow our needs and community together.  I highly recommend Ashdown, and will certainly use them again for any future needs”. – Jack Nicholson, CEO, Otter Co-op

Otter Co-op

Otter Co-op is a locally-owned co-operative serving the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Thompson/Okanagan, and specializes in petroleum, food, feed, pharmacy products, hardware, family fashions, and liquor. Otter Co-op provides quality products and services in these communities, ensuring growth and sustainability while delivering exceptional service.

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“Ashdown Capital is easy to work with, and understood our needs very well. Their solid knowledge and experience reduced the time frame for securing financing. I am pleased to say that Ashdown Capital is one of the best companies I have worked with in my 25 year career.” – Tahir Habib, Owner, Trafa Pharmaeutical Supplies

Mitchell Group

Mitchell Group is a well-known investment and development company based in Surrey, BC with experience spanning four decades and including projects in all asset classes.

Miracon is the residential arm of the group. It has been active since 2014, delivering single family and low-density multifamily homes to the Lower Mainland/Greater Vancouver area. Miracon has won multiple awards, demonstrating the group’s commitment to quality and excellence.

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“I was introduced to David and his team by our accounting firm. Before that I had spent the better part of a year renegotiating financing for our business with multiple banks and had no success. David not only attained the new financing our business needed, he saved me a tremendous amount of time and money. I would highly recommend David and Ashdown Capital to any business.” – Steven Wall, CEO, Weatherguard Group

Weatherguard Group

For 30 years Weatherguard Gutters and Weatherguard Exteriors has proudly served the Lower Mainland for all of its renovation and new construction needs. They are an industry leader in gutter and siding design, installation for homes, strata installation and new construction. Weatherguard Gutters operates a fleet of trucks with the top gutter installation team in Vancouver while Weatherguard Exteriors works with many of the top multi-family builders in the Greater Vancouver.

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Andrew was a champion for our business from the get-go. He advocated for the financing we needed to grow, and made my life so much simpler in the process. I would definitely recommend Ashdown’s services, and look forward to working with Andrew again.” – Greg Sherwell, Owner, ERC

“Working with the Ashdown team made our building purchase experience smooth and simple. Andrew was such a valuable resource, negotiating significantly improved terms for our building and credit facilities, saving us both time and money.” – Bill Rai, Owner, Maxxam Insurance Services

“We were introduced to Kern and Ashdown Capital in a social setting and were very glad we met. As we were about to embark on a journey to see if we should switch banks, Kern took that over and we ended up with two interested parties and have been very happy with the one we selected. Kern made the process of talking to banks, and getting good rates and favourable terms, very easy. We would recommend Kern and Ashdown to any companies evaluating their banking relationships.” Trevor Young, Owner/Partner, Portal Crane Group

Portal Crane Group

Portal Crane Group (PCG) has been a global supplier for lumber and bulk material handling bridge cranes since 1987. The services they offer include distribution and installation of replacement parts, inspections, rebuilds and upgrades. From the gantry wheels to the top of the girders, and everything in between, they supply all the parts to keep cranes in top running condition.

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“Working with Andrew to purchase the apartment building at 1019 Rockland made the whole transaction smooth and simple. He delivered on his promise, a loan amount higher than any other lender was quoting, and was in control throughout the entire process. Thanks Andrew!” – Louis Gonthier, Owner

1019 Rockland

The client was looking to purchase a multi-unit residential building in the Fairfield neighbourhood of Victoria, BC. Coming from a construction and renovation background, he intended to undertake renovations on the building, which would become a key investment component in his retirement plan.

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“What impressed us most was the immediate attention and response time by Brad and David at Ashdown. In addition to their savvy and creative thinking, their availability made for the quickest possible transaction, which was important for us. They were always in control and steering the deal the right way from day one. We couldn’t be happier with the result.” – Aaron Rokstad, CEO, Rokstad Power

Rokstad Power

Rokstad Power is a leading distribution and transmission construction company that operates across the United States and Canada. They offer a full suite of power line contracting services to their customers, including immediate emergency and storm response, distribution, transmission, live line work and much more. Rokstad Power works with various public and private sector organizations, including municipalities, power and communication utilities, and mining companies.

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“Kern was able to find us a financing deal that surpassed our expectations and was a significant improvement over our previous terms including the amortization period, financial covenants and interest rates. Our previous bank made the transition difficult with numerous delays and Kern was patient and helped us through it all. As business accountants we are often surprised that our clients do not try to negotiate better terms on their financing and take whatever their current bank offers them. We recommend Ashdown to all of our clients that are looking for better ways to finance their businesses as we know that they will help them find and negotiate a better package. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Kern and the rest of the team at Ashdown.” – Tom Gillespie, CPA, CA, Partner, Clearline CPA

Clearline CPA

Clearline Chartered Professional Accountants is a full-service accounting, taxation and advisory firm that services the Lower Mainland, with offices in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and North Vancouver. Their expert team delivers integrated audit, tax and financial advice to businesses and personal clients, helping them take control of their finances and reach their goals.

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“This was my company’s first major loan and Kern at Ashdown Capital walked me through every step of the process in a simple and easy way. He took the time to listen to my business plan and understand my businesses needs. From there he was able to connect me with the right people who took our application seriously and it really expedited the entire process. We were able to secure financing which allowed us to expand our business and enter our next chapter of growth.

I really appreciate the professionalism and service from Kern and his team at Ashdown Capital and highly recommend their services. If you are not connected with bankers and lenders, Ashdown Capital can fast track you and put you in touch with the right people to meet your business needs.” – Kyle Zelazny, CEO, YESA


YES Acquisitions Ltd. (YESA) is a sales and business development training agency. Its founders had previously founded and developed Ledcor Group’s LTS Sales organization, during which time they identified a hole in the market with respect to sales training, including business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales. They utilized their industry knowledge and experience to found YESA and its two primary programs: YESAcademy and YESAcquisitions.

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“Working with Ashdown has been a pleasant experience. The process wasn’t overwhelming and they were very personable. We were met with enthusiasm and excitement about our business. We would recommend Ashdown to others.”

Farmhouse Brewing Co.

Farmhouse Brewing Co. (FBC) is an up-and-coming, farm-based micro-brewery located in Chilliwack, BC. FBC strives to be a sustainable, local, family business that honours the agricultural spirit of the area. Plans include tours of the brewery, hops fields and gardens, allowing visitors to learn about the brewery’s processes, while enjoying the surrounding amenities.

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“Ashdown assisted us in getting a line of credit with a major bank and helped us through the entire process. They negotiated and got the best rate for our business and we will continue to work with them as we grow our business. I must especially thank Andrew for helping us. He was a pleasure to work with and took care of everything in a timely and professional way. Thank you.” – Sinthu Sivagnanam, President, Avanica Inc.


Avanica is a high-end furniture manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler, that is dedicated to enriching spaces aesthetically and functionally. They work closely with craftspeople in Indonesia, manufacturing and importing wood products to sell throughout Canada through their Toronto warehouse and new Calgary showroom.

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“Ashdown Capital has been a valuable resource for our company. They have the experience and have done the leg-work to get us the best financing package and best rates. In addition, they work with us at the inception of the project to advise on the financing scenarios, allowing us to make the best decisions on the structure and plan for our projects.” – Mark Paxian, VP of Finance, Diverse Properties

Diverse Properties

Diverse is a leading developer in the Fraser Valley and focuses on commercial, residential and recreational real estate in a variety of asset classes (raw land & buildings) in Western Canada. From property acquisition and development, to capital raising, to the actual construction, Diverse is able to guarantee customers and/or investors the highest level of quality from step one all the way to completion.

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“It was a pleasure to work with Ashdown Capital, in particular with Matthew MacGregor.  Matthew asked all the right questions and was able to understand our needs very quickly.  He also made it easier for me to interpret the various forms as well as what was required of me when dealing with various financial institutions.” – Lorna Boyle, President, Anatech


Anatech is one of the leading Canadian distributors of sports medicine products. Their Canadian manufacturing shop produces Anatech branded off-the-shelf braces, and they are one of the few companies that continue to offer custom bracing. They also manufacture several private label lines for companies across Canada.

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“Our experience with Brian and Ashdown Capital was excellent. Though we considered shopping for a new lender on our own in the past, we realized we’d just spend a lot of valuable time that would be better invested in growing our business. Each step of the process was thoroughly communicated and well-organized. They also facilitated the discussions between potential lenders and helped ensure that our story and strengths were taken into consideration. The knowledge and experience of the team at Ashdown gave us confidence that we were negotiating the best facilities available.” – Emily Woodrow, Director of Finance

Valley Carriers

Valley Carriers is a multi-generational, family owned log hauling, trucking, and specialty transportation company with hubs based in Merritt and Abbotsford, BC, and operations reaching into Alberta and Washington. They haul wood residuals, soil, bark mulch, logs, grain, mushroom manure, and more. Currently, Valley Carriers has a fleet size of nearly fifty trucks and employs over 100 people.

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Lonsdale Event Rentals

Lonsdale Event Rentals is a party and event equipment rental company located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Since their inception in 1972, they have been supplying the Lower Mainland with quality rental products including tables, chairs, glassware, and table wares to ensure that every client’s event is a success. Since day one, they have done this through strong values of friendly service, dependability, and quality products.

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We were at a stage of immense opportunity for expansion into eastern Canada and the USA. Having the right financing partner that understood our business, could react quickly and provide the structures and rates that made our growth feasible, was an imperative next step to ensure we optimized our growth opportunities and continued success. Partnering with Brad and the Ashdown Capital team to source the right financial partner to support our growth allowed us to launch into the USA at a pivotal time and secure our success in this region.

With almost 20 years of experience and a strong company, we were confident in our ability to secure the right financing needs ourselves. After months of efforts, we were no further along and exasperated by the process. Fortunately, we were introduced to Brad kiendl and the Ashdown Capital team. In a short period of time Brad was able to secure strong financial partners eager to support our growth in Canada and the US. Brad managed the entire process, ensuring the right partner was chosen and the best financing structures and rates were made available to us. Partnering with Ashdown Capital allowed us to launch into the USA at a pivotal time and secure our success in this region and has set us up with the right financial partner that will support our continued success into the future.” – Todd Johnston, CEO, Trinity Power Rentals 

Trinity Power Rentals

Trinity Power Rentals is a specialist provider of turn-key industrial and commercial temporary power solutions across North America. Founded in 1999 with beginnings in the film industry, Trinity Power equipment can be found in every province, state and industry across North America including: construction, mining, utilities, pipelines, oil and gas, manufacturing, large events and film, infrastructure and major projects. From emergency outages and planned shutdowns to new construction and expansion, Trinity Power has the experience, knowledge and passion to help their client’s projects succeed.

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I can’t recommend Ashdown Capital enough. After wasting almost 2 months dealing with a major bank that over promised and under delivered it was a breath of fresh air to deal with […] Ashdown Capital.

[Ashdown] was completely professional and transparent throughout the process. Transparency is something I really value in business and I knew straight away that [Ashdown] was someone I could count on. [They] set expectations clearly and concisely and in the end under promised and over delivered.

I wished I would have bumped into Ashdown Capital well before spending valuable time and money dealing with a big bank that was never going to deliver.

[Ashdown] said [they] would deliver, and [they] did just that!!

– Anthony Robinson

LSJ Publishing

LSJ Publishing was founded in 1969 and is an acclaimed forestry publication operating under the registered trade names, Logging & Sawmilling Journal in Canada and Timber West in the US. As the leading forestry industry magazine in Canada, the publication has unmatched reach to the forestry industry and an unrivalled readership. A recent Canadian Circulation Audit Board survey recognized LSJ’s readership at 97.4% request, demonstrating the publications loyal and highly engaged audience.

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“Brad Kiendl not only helped coordinate a completely new and better banking partnership, helping to set Novo on a stable path to greater success, but he also has subsequently become one of our most trusted advisors. Brad and his team at Ashdown bring a wealth of knowledge in Commercial finance that I believe would be an asset to any entrepreneur.” – Jason Zanatta, CEO | President, Novo Textiles

Novo Textiles

Novo Textiles was founded in 1994 by Jason Zanatta. Novo manufactures and distributes high quality home textiles to retail, hospitality and home design companies across North America. You can find their products across North America at named retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Sleep Country and Amazon.

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“Having Ashdown help us navigate through this new CMHC program was invaluable . They helped make the entire process smoother, including fielding questions from the lender. They negotiated and advocated on our behalf, producing outcomes and solutions that would have been more difficult to achieve had we been negotiating on our own. Ryan was a pleasure to work with, and we felt confident having him on our side. I would not hesitate in recommending Ryan and his team to any developer that is looking for financing, CMHC or otherwise.” – Lara Holtby | CFO

Wiebe Properties

Wiebe Properties has been building and managing multi-family residential, commercial and industrial buildings for almost 50 years. Wiebe Properties is recognized as a leading owner-operator of purpose-built housing, committed to providing much-needed quality rental accommodations to the communities of the Fraser Valley.

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“The guys at Ashdown were friendly and upfront from the start. After discussions and diligence, they came back to us with multiple interested lenders. When we were ready to proceed, they executed everything. We had a load off our plate and breathing room to continue our outreach to faith groups and non-profits- the communities that truly need the affordable burial space we are providing. A BIG thank you to Brad and Ryan!” – Trevor Crean, General Manager

Heritage Gardens

Heritage Gardens is Metro Vancouver’s newest cemetery, and the first cemetery to open in over 50 years. Founders Tom and Trevor Crean represent two of four generations of a family legacy of serving the bereaved. Tom’s grandfather established Kearney Funeral Services in 1908, a family business which carries on to this day. Due to the close relationship between funeral homes and cemeteries, Tom & Trevor became familiar with cemetery operations over their combined five decades in funeral service.

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“Ashdown has become a great strategic partner to Field House and integral to the grown and success of the company. Without their help, Field House’s production capacity and business  growth would have been constrained by the challenges of cash flow. In a market where accessing growth capital from traditional ‘big banks’ is getting harder and harder, Ashdown provides the support small businesses need to get to the next level. And even better, the Ashdown team is a lot of fun to work with, they visit our business all the time and have become part of the Field House family” – Josh Vanderheide, Founder/Owner – Field House Brewing Co.

Field House Brewing

In less than two years, Field House had grown substantially, more than doubling its beer production – Josh approached Ashdown, looking for a partner that would be excited to build a relationship and handle all aspects of finding the financing Field House required to bring its full vision to fruition. Ashdown’s relationship and collaborative based approach fit well with what Field House was looking for, and we started working on multiple financing requests as they came up.

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