Tree Island

Tree Island

Tree Island is a distinguished federally licensed dairy manufacturing enterprise recognized for its excellence in crafting premium dairy products. Founded by Scott and Merissa, who were inspired by the artisanal yogurts of France, Tree Island has evolved into a prominent presence in over 250 retail outlets nationwide, including esteemed retailers such as Thrifty’s and Whole Foods.

Specializing in sustainable, grass-fed yogurts made from 100% fresh whole BC milk, Tree Island exemplifies a commitment to supporting local farms that nurture healthy ecosystems. Situated in the picturesque Comox Valley, creating handcrafted yogurts that are meticulously prepared using a traditional, slow-kettle cooking technique.


As consumer demand surged, Tree Island faced the critical need to expand its production capacity. However, existing facilities were inadequate for accommodating this growth trajectory. To address this challenge, Tree Island embarked on the construction of a 30,000 square foot cutting-edge production facility to meet growing demand.


To facilitate this pivotal expansion, Tree Island partnered with Ashdown Capital, enlisting the expertise of Andrew Still. Tasked with securing financing tailored to the unique needs of the yogurt industry, Andrew demonstrated unparalleled dedication in negotiating optimal terms for the new facility. Leveraging his industry insights, Andrew orchestrated a competitive financing process that culminated in securing a commercial mortgage, growth capital, and a working capital facility for Tree Island.

Through Andrew’s steadfast representation, Tree Island forged a partnership with a lender intimately familiar with the intricacies of the industry. Armed with enhanced working capital flexibility and favorable rates, Tree Island now navigates its expansion with confidence, poised for sustained growth and continued success.

Client Testimonial

“Andrew and the Ashdown team are a diamond in the rough of the financing world. I could always count on Andrew for excellent work and genuine advice that had the best for our business at heart! It was a huge advantage in seeking out the best possible financing for our business to have an expert navigating and representing us with lenders. Tree Island is now well positioned for future growth! Thanks, Ashdown Team!” – Scott DiGuistini, CEO & Co-Founder

Services Used

  • Commercial Takeout Mortgage
  • Line of Credit