Anatech is one of the leading Canadian distributors of sports medicine products. Their Canadian manufacturing shop produces Anatech branded off-the-shelf braces, and they are one of the few companies that continue to offer custom bracing. They also manufacture several private label lines for companies across Canada.


The last few years have been successful ones for Anatech, following the change-out of some of the company’s distribution lines. As the exclusive Canadian distributor for OOFOS Recovery Shoes, they have successfully built a global brand with a direct-to-consumer online business and retail customers across Canada. However, Anatech was unable to secure financing from their existing financial institution unless it was fully secured by personally-held real estate. Without additional financing, the company could not place the overseas order required for the rollout of major new Canadian retailers across Canada, as the long lead time placed too much strain on their existing working capital.


Ashdown Capital was primarily engaged to find working capital financing to fulfil Anatech’s immediate orders. Secondarily, Ashdown Capital was tasked with finding a permanent revolving working capital solution and helping to separate personal and corporate financing. Ashdown facilitated lending that met both goals, and Anatech is on track to hit its growth targets. The company fulfilled its new order book and set record sales figures while allowing ownership to enjoy the personal benefit of standalone corporate financing.

Client Testimonial

“It was a pleasure to work with Ashdown Capital, in particular with Matthew MacGregor.  Matthew asked all the right questions and was able to understand our needs very quickly.  He also made it easier for me to interpret the various forms as well as what was required of me when dealing with various financial institutions.

Once the introductions were made with the chosen financial institution, his help in facilitating our meetings went a long way to making for a smooth transition and a successful outcome.” – Lorna Boyle, President, Anatech

Services Used

  • Working capital financing