Celestial Systems Inc.

Celestial Systems Inc.

Celestial Systems Inc. is a prominent IT consulting company with a robust reputation
for delivering tailored software solutions and digital transformation services. Their
expertise extends to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, enabling
businesses to thrive through innovation, efficiency, and tailored tech solutions.

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The borrower was looking to grow locally and were content to rely on their existing bank relationship. Ashdown was able to show value by bringing a competitive process to the procurement of business debt. By showing the borrower a variety of offers we proved that a market survey is the best way to validate the competitiveness your debt sourcing.


Ashdown worked to ensure the offer of a variety of loan-to-value options for the property purchase, while the refinancing of working capital assets with a line of credit unlocked substantial cash. This enabled the borrower to save money and maintain healthy cash flow with conservative leverage and a lower interest rate on the property purchase.

The most beneficial aspect of the services provided was the broker’s ability to offer expert guidance in coordinating a quick transition from a rented space to an owner-occupied location and ensuring the successful closure of the deal.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Ben and Ashdown was a great overall experience for us. From the very beginning of the process, they were able to quickly understand our needs and tailored a solution that worked well. Ben remained proactive throughout the whole process which turned out to be very important in ensuring we were able to close the deal in a timely manner. I would highly recommend working with Ben/Ashdown for any financing needs that they might have.” – Rahul Raina, Vice President of Business Development, Celestial Systems Inc.

Services Used

  • Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgage
  • LTV Tenant Improvement Financing
  • Line of Credit