Farmhouse Brewing Co.

Farmhouse Brewing Co.

Farmhouse Brewing Co. (FBC) is an up-and-coming, farm-based micro-brewery located in Chilliwack, BC. FBC strives to be a sustainable, local, family business that honours the agricultural spirit of the area. Plans include tours of the brewery, hops fields and gardens, allowing visitors to learn about the brewery’s processes, while enjoying the surrounding amenities. These include a covered patio, firepit, children’s play area, and event space. FBC plans to grow at least 2 hectares of farm product for use in their beers, with the intention of expanding growing operations in the future.


Ashdown was introduced to FBC by a local residential mortgage broker, who recognized our team’s ability to provide specialised service in the commercial and agricultural space. At the time, FBC was seeking financing for continued brewery and amenity construction. Special consideration and knowledge were required for this deal proposal, as the 11.5-acre property it sits on is designated Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) land, and is subject to specific land-use regulations. In addition, this project represents a business start-up, and as such is subject to additional analysis by potential lenders.


We immediately went to work understanding the history and motivation behind the FBC project, as well as the financing needs required to make it happen. Ashdown was able to structure the deal proposal with its unique considerations related to ALR and start-up status in mind. We also utilized our lending knowledge and connections to place the proposal with lenders that have an understanding of the industry, and specific programs to support both new businesses and the agricultural sector. FBC is now on its way to opening its doors to the public in Fall 2020.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Ashdown has been a pleasant experience. The process wasn’t overwhelming and they were very personable. We were met with enthusiasm and excitement about our business. We would recommend Ashdown to others.”

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