Jones Bar-B-Que Inc.

Jones Bar-B-Que Inc.

Leadership duo Josh Goyert and Christopher Jones helm a distinguished portfolio of acclaimed restaurants in Victoria, renowned for their culinary excellence and unwavering commitment to gastronomic innovation.
Comprising the following establishments:
Jones Bar-B-Que & Jones Bar-B-Que Langford: Since its inception in 2016, Jones Bar-B-Que has solidified its position as Victoria’s foremost barbecue destination. Building on this success, a second location in Langford was introduced in 2022. Recognized as the recipient of the esteemed 2023 BBQ Food Times Colonist Reader’s Choice award, Jones Bar-B-Que prides itself on serving freshly prepared meats until sold out each day.
Ruby on Douglas & Johnson: The epitome of southern-inspired brunch and lunch fare, The Ruby has emerged as a beloved culinary gem in Victoria. Launched in 2015 on Douglas Street, its popularity led to the opening of a second location on Johnson Street in 2017, catering to the city’s enthusiastic brunch customers.
Alibi Catering: Established in 2018, Alibi Catering was conceived as a natural extension of the owners’ vision to expand beyond festival catering. Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Alibi demonstrated resilience by pivoting its operations to support vulnerable communities through the innovative Boxes of Hope government program, spearheaded by Christopher Jones himself. As restrictions eased, Alibi seamlessly transitioned back into event catering, capitalizing on industry demand and market opportunities following the closure of Toque Catering.


The ambitious expansion plans of the Jones group necessitated a dedicated commercial kitchen to bolster the operations of Alibi Catering. However, existing high-interest debt obligations stemming from working capital requirements, equipment acquisitions, and expansion initiatives posed significant barriers. Additionally, funding was required to facilitate the transformation of the designated property into a fully functional commercial kitchen.


the imperative for strategic financial restructuring, Ashdown Capital’s Andrew Still was enlisted to orchestrate a comprehensive solution. Andrew meticulously curated a financing package tailored to address the group’s multifaceted needs, encompassing funding for the acquisition and customization of the commercial facility, alongside initiatives to streamline existing debt burdens through more favorable
alternatives. Leveraging his expertise and network, Andrew navigated a competitive financing process, culminating in the successful procurement of a commercial mortgage and financing for essential kitchen installations. Furthermore, the integration of an operating line of credit ensured enhanced operational flexibility across all company entities.

Through Andrew’s astute guidance, the Jones group now stands poised for sustained growth and operational optimization. Armed with a revitalized financial framework, the group is well-positioned to actualize its expansion aspirations while fortifying its position as a vanguard of culinary excellence in Victoria’s vibrant dining landscape.

Client Testimonial

Andrew and the rest of the team at Ashdown capital were exceptional in helping us achieve our expansion goals. They seamlessly guided through the acquisition of a commercial space and working lines of credit to facilitate the execution of our vision. I would highly recommend them and hope to use their services again in the future. – Josh Goyert, Owner

Services Used

  • Line of Credit
  • TI Loan
  • Equipment Loan, and Commercial Mortgage