Maxxam Insurance Services

Maxxam Insurance Services

Maxxam Insurance Services is part of a thriving group of companies that also includes MotoMaxx, Maxxam Realty, and Max Mortgages. The group has provided expert insurance, mortgage and realty services to clients across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island for over a decade.


Maxxam Insurance Services was experiencing strong growth and needed space to develop its team. The business had an accepted offer on a property in Langford, which would support this expansion. When the client was introduced to Ashdown Capital, they had a financing offer in hand from their incumbent bank, but wanted to be sure that they were receiving the best possible package.


Ashdown’s Andrew Still entered lender discussions with a thorough understanding of the group’s operations, and committed to securing the most favourable commercial mortgage loan terms for the deal. He was able to negotiate a stronger offer from the incumbent bank for the real estate purchase, while renegotiating the group’s existing credit facility pricing. These improved terms resulted in significant ongoing cost savings, and the group now has the space needed to pursue continued growth.

Client Testimonial

“Working with the Ashdown team made our building purchase experience smooth and simple. Andrew was such a valuable resource, negotiating significantly improved terms for our building and credit facilities, saving us both time and money.” – Bill Rai, Owner, Maxxam Insurance Services

Services Used

  • Commercial mortgage
  • Line of credit