Peak Pipeline Rentals Ltd.

Peak Pipeline Rentals Ltd.

Peak Pipeline Rentals provides prompt, professional service renting heavy construction equipment. They specialize in pipeline construction equipment, and also rent and sell equipment suitable for any other construction project.


As a twenty-year-old business, Peak Pipeline Rentals Ltd has experienced the ups and downs inherent in Alberta’s economy. With significant growth in recent years, Peak was in need of a working capital facility that could keep up with its expansion. Despite trying to secure an appropriate working capital facility from traditional lenders for years, they had limited success.


Ashdown’s Kyle Kreppenhofer was introduced by Peak’s Accountant to assess financing needs and determine lenders best suited given the circumstances. Despite several years without success, Kyle secured multiple term sheets within two weeks of being engaged. Kyle and Peak reviewed term sheets together and agreed that one offered significantly more flexibility than the other, while also offering the most competitive pricing.


“Kyle really simplified my life here. I knew the financing was in good hands, allowing me to focus on running the business. And the value extended beyond just the term sheet as Kyle helped navigate several subordination agreements. Hands down best in the business.” – Trevor Reidlinger, Owner

Services Used

  • Working Capital Financing