Rokstad Power

Rokstad Power

Rokstad Power is a leading distribution and transmission construction company that operates across the United States and Canada. They offer a full suite of power line contracting services to their customers, including immediate emergency and storm response, distribution, transmission, live line work and much more. Rokstad Power works with various public and private sector organizations, including municipalities, power and communication utilities, and mining companies.


Rokstad Power and Ashdown Capital first worked together when the two principals at Rokstad Power, Bernie and Aaron Rokstad, were given the opportunity to buy the balance of the business back to regain 100% ownership in 2018. Mezzanine financing was utilized to close the transaction. Fourteen months later, after a year of successful operations, Ashdown was contracted to seek a permanent financing solution with a traditional lender. At the time, working capital was constrained due to continuous, exponential growth, unsupported by a traditional asset-backed lending facility or line of credit.


To provide immediate working capital support, Ashdown arranged a $15 million private bridge loan, structured to reward expedited repayment. Despite the unique challenges presented by COVID-19, Ashdown was able to secure a senior lender that provided a $50 million working capital facility, enabling repayment of the bridge loan within the desired repayment period and long-term working capital relief. This facility included financing against not only their receivables, but also their work-in-progress, which is a significant portion of their working capital burden.

Since funding, Rokstad Power has seen rapid growth in both sales and profitability as they consistently meet or exceed their monthly projections. Ashdown Capital is pleased to have been able to support Rokstad’s operations, and consequently their emergency relief efforts across North America.

Client Testimonial

“What impressed us most was the immediate attention and response time by Brad and David at Ashdown. In addition to their savvy and creative thinking, their availability made for the quickest possible transaction, which was important for us. They were always in control and steering the deal the right way from day one. We couldn’t be happier with the result.” – Aaron Rokstad, CEO, Rokstad Power

Services Used

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Working Capital Financing