Terra Nova Medical Centre

Terra Nova Medical Centre is Richmond’s largest and most comprehensive primary care clinic, offering a full range of primary care services. These services include well-child care, women’s health, vaccinations, and treatments using liquid nitrogen, among others.


The business has come a long way from its inception. Growing from zero patients in 2015 to serving over 46,000 people by 2023, Terra Nova has become one of the largest medical clinics in the Lower Mainland. People who have known Terra Nova since inception have seen major changes; including technological innovations for remote work, market expansion into Telehealth and recruitment of International Medical Graduates culminating in new locations in Squamish (Q4 2023) and Richmond (Q2 2024).

With the grow plans formalize and a location selected in Central Richmond, the need to find a lending partner who could provide maximum financing for the property acquisition and the tenant improvement build out.


Kern Chiu and his team went to market to secure the right lending solution and achieve market leading rates below prime with zero equity from the ownership team.

Client Testimonial

“Kern was very helpful in getting us the loan that we needed for building our new clinic. He dealt with a lot of difficult issues to help us complete this deal.” – Julie Wilson

Services Used

  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Tenant Improvement Loan