Trafa Pharmaceutical Supplies

Trafa Pharmaceutical Supplies

Trafa Pharmaceutical Supplies is a locally based international importer of nutraceutical ingredients and value add manufacturer of OTC products. They provide unique ingredients and manufacturing expertise for local brands to create high quality, safe, “Made in Canada” products for the export market.


Trafa’s growth from a focused ingredients company to a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturer led to an increase in demand for their products and a change to their working capital requirements. To meet the expanded demand, they required financing to payout existing high rate working capital facility, plus additional funds to finance inventory purchases. As part of the manufacturing expansion additional capital equipment was also required. Trafa’s incumbent lender declined their financing request, and they were subsequently introduced to Ashdown Capital.


Ashdown Capital was engaged to help arrange the financing for their growth. Ashdown was able to arrange a competitive bidding situation between four different lenders who saw the high value in this growing company. Trafa was able to obtain an unmargined working capital line plus a revolving term loan/lease line for ongoing equipment purchases. After more than six months of struggle with their existing lender they were able to complete this transaction from engagement to funding in ten weeks.

Client Testimonial

“Ashdown Capital is easy to work with, and understood our needs very well. Their solid knowledge and experience reduced the time frame for securing financing. I am pleased to say that Ashdown Capital is one of the best companies I have worked with in my 25 year career.” – Tahir Habib, Owner, Trafa Pharmaeutical Supplies

Services Used

  • Revolving working capital
  • Line of credit
  • Revolving term loan facility