Trinity Power Rentals

Trinity Power Rentals

Trinity Power Rentals is a specialist provider of turn-key industrial and commercial temporary power solutions across North America. Founded in 1999 with beginnings in the film industry, Trinity Power equipment can be found in every province, state and industry across North America including: construction, mining, utilities, pipelines, oil and gas, manufacturing, large events and film, infrastructure and major projects. From emergency outages and planned shutdowns to new construction and expansion, Trinity Power has the experience, knowledge and passion to help their client’s projects succeed.


Being an asset heavy business, an important part of Trinity Power’s success is having the right financing partner. Before Trinity was introduced to Ashdown Capital, they had experienced multiple changeovers in account managers at their bank. At the same time, they were looking to expand into the US, further exasperating the situation. After months of back-and-forth at their current bank, they had exhausted all avenues without reaching a feasible solution. 


Brad at Ashdown Capital was able to help Trinity Power navigate the process of finding the best financing partners to meet their business goals. In the end, they were able to maintain their relationship with their existing bank while introducing an additional financing partner that was better suited to help with their US expansion. New facilities were put in place to complement their existing ones, and they are now flourishing on both sides of the border. 

Client Testimonial

We were at a stage of immense opportunity for expansion into eastern Canada and the USA. Having the right financing partner that understood our business, could react quickly and provide the structures and rates that made our growth feasible, was an imperative next step to ensure we optimized our growth opportunities and continued success. Partnering with Brad and the Ashdown Capital team to source the right financial partner to support our growth allowed us to launch into the USA at a pivotal time and secure our success in this region. 

With almost 20 years of experience and a strong company, we were confident in our ability to secure the right financing needs ourselves. After months of efforts, we were no further along and exasperated by the process. Fortunately, we were introduced to Brad kiendl and the Ashdown Capital team. In a short period of time Brad was able to secure strong financial partners eager to support our growth in Canada and the US. Brad managed the entire process, ensuring the right partner was chosen and the best financing structures and rates were made available to us. Partnering with Ashdown Capital allowed us to launch into the USA at a pivotal time and secure our success in this region and has set us up with the right financial partner that will support our continued success into the future.” – Todd Johnston, CEO, Trinity Power Rentals 

Services Used

  • Revolving Equipment Acquisition Loan
  • Line of Credit