Otter Co-op and Ashdown Capital Partner to Support Langley Hospice

Otter Co-op and Ashdown Capital both value giving back to the local communities that support them, deciding to build this focus right into their working agreement.

In May, Otter Co-op and Ashdown Capital were pleased to present a collaborative gift of $30,000 to the Langley Hospice Society to support the Family Shower Room and Laundry Area of their new Langley Hospice Residence Project. “Otter Co-op is very proud to have collaborated on this with Ashdown Capital, in supporting a fantastic new facility in Langley,” said Otter CEO, Jack Nicholson.

In addition to these family amenities, the new facility will have its own kitchen and specialized bathing facilities, patient care and support services and access to common areas. Each patient room will also have its own outdoor patio with space for a patient’s bed to be wheeled out – all comforts of home that can ease the end-of-life journey for patients and their families.

Pictured left to right: Fernande Ouellette and Executive Director Carissa Halley of the Langley Hospice Society, Otter Co-op CEO, Jack Nicholson, Ashdown Capital Partners, Brad Kiendl and Ryan Turner, and Langley Hospice Board President, Kathy Derksen.